WWW - Settlements

Below you will find a link to the raport of the tickets sold through your site. Available types of raports are:

MONTHLY RAPORT - TOTAL INVOICE - This raport will enable you to issue an individual invoices to each of the carriers or to ITSOFT for the tickets sales in a given month. Remember to attach this raport to the invoice you're sending.
INVOICE TEMPLATE - A printout that allows Poland-based agents to fill the necessary data and use as an invoice.
SUMMARY OF TRANSACTIONS - This raport is for the statistical purposes. It will show you statistics of transactions for any given time period (doesn't have to be a full month).

In order to settle you accounts you should log-in in your account using your username and password, select the desired printout type, the period for which you wish that printout to have, and click the "Order" button. It will take a couple of seconds to prepare you printouts/raports, after which time you should click on "Refresh" button. System will automatically divide different settlemnt companies on separate pages for ease of printing.

If you order MONTHLY RAPORT - TOTAL INVOICE you may want to transfer data to your accounting software and issue invoices from there.
If you order INVOICE TEMPLATE you need to fill the data and send these to the addresses corresponding to the coach carriers for which they are issued.