Tourist agencies

Tourist agencies

We would like to present to you euroTICKET system designed for tourist agencies.
Thanks to our system you will be able to book and sell tickets and perform a number of operations on them. The system will make it easier to find current offer of carriers, displaying information about available seats and fares.

You are welcome to contact our consultants Customer Service Department who will thoroughly who will thoroughly introduce you to all of the features of the system and will explain how you can start using it.

Try sales via www
The internet provides you with a chance to pursue new opportunities. More and
more customers use this medium as the cheapest and the easiest tool. We have
prepared an application which uses internet browser to search coach routes and
allows you to start selling tickets from your own internet site.

Without any subscription fees
We are pleased to announce that our application is available free of charge to all travel agencies. In order to start using euroTICKET system you are only required to enter Customer Zone where you can order euroTICKET system.
After you place the order a supervisor from our Service Department will contact you,
arrange the details, send the system installation software and conduct a short

Access the wide range of services
We understand the importance of competitiveness in business. For a tourist
agency it primarily means being able to offer a wide range of services. We
are the only tour operator offering access to services from almost 100% of polish coach
carriers - all of them from one application. Cooperation with us and usage of
euroTICKET sytem will make you more competitive.

Selling tickets is easy
Do you know that a ticket in euroTICKET system can be sold even within 30 secunds?
Our main concern is and will be user-friendliness of our application. Our goal is
to allow you to serve the biggest number of customers in the shortest time possible.
Everyone who has ever used our system confirms that this is the easiest ticket
selling system available on the market.

Modest technical requirements.
euroTICKET does not require installation of any specialist software or configuration
of any hardware. The system works as a Windows 2000/Me/XP/VISTA/7 appllication. Your computer should only be able to access the internet in any way possible, for example via cable connection, ISDN, SDI, Neostrada or even a dial-up modem. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology, regardless of the connection type, our system works

We have been chosen by over 4000 tourist agencies. The most important source of information about our performance are our customers.We are proud that these tourist agencies which use euroTICKET system regard our system as user-friendly and of tremendous help in their daily work. They emphasize
that our idea of shortening time required to serve their customers by placing sale of
coach tickets and insurance policies in one selling system has allowed them to
sell both or either of the products faster. At the same time, our Service Department
supervisor is always available to them to help them if they encounter any problems.

One system - multiple possibilities
Using euroTICKET system, allows you not only to sell coach tickets, but also
tourist insurance policies. Often customers buy insurance policies together with coach tickets. In such case you will not have to re-enter the customer's personal data because the system will automatically load the data from the ticket. In this way you can serve your customers faster and gain more satisfied customer.

Online sales preview
Today's market is very dynamic and often requires immediate reaction. Because
euroTICKET system works on-line you always get the current information on the
seats availability as well as fare pricing.

Less mistakes
Thanks to standardizing ticket printouts, which are accepted by all carriers using
euroTICKET system, the number of mistakes - often occuring when tickets are
handwritten - is reduced and service time is considerably shortened.
Using our system you don't have to waste your time on settling accounts with carriers.
Based on data in the system you can get immediate printouts of all financial
statements necessary to settle these accounts.

Please contact our consultants at  Customer Service Department who will introduce you to the system and explain how to start using it.